Call AVANA Home

If there is one aspect of Avana that draws people in, it is the wide variety of luxury floor plans created to delight virtually anyone. Ranging from artfully designed one-bedrooms to spacious two-bedrooms, each floor plan offers all the amenities you come to expect from a complex like Avana. Each unit has a utilities closet or room as well as access to a lovely balcony to enjoy the outdoor weather or host an engaging party. Take a moment to tour one or more of our eight floor plans to see how a large walk-in closet or extra study might suit your housing needs.

Ultimately, it is the goal of Avana to make residents feel perfectly at home. That is why we place our focus on creating a place where you want to live. We start by providing you with facilities and services that meet your needs efficiently and effortlessly. If you have yet to enjoy the height of luxury living in a modern apartment complex, these Austin residences are waiting to help you reach the next stage of contentment.